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Adventures In Troll Sitting: Jake must hide a giant, hairy troll from his parents and visiting aunt. Desperate to collect reward money to replace an expensive antique for Trixie's mother, Jake attempts to provide Professor Rotwood with proof of the existence of a dragon he claims to have spotted in New York City. Jake ends up turned over by Trixie and Spud, but they are horrified when they realize the truth about the dragon and rescue him and make a fool out of Rotwood who is now suspisious of Jake.

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Spud: [tied up and dangling in the air] But what makes you think I'm going to help you? Jake's Grandfather: [as Jake's daydreaming about Rose] Jake! Did you hear anything I just said?

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American Dragon: Jake Long was a Disney Channel cartoon created by Jeff Goode about a young teenager growing up in a world full of weird goings-on. OK, so that's almost all Disney Channel cartoons. More specifically, Jake Long is the "American Dragon", a cocky, brash youngster with the power to shapeshift into his reptilian alter-ego, serving as a sort of superhero for the magical creatures that live in secret Harry Potter -style in the human world.

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I was SO obsessed with him when I was little. I would pretend to be Maid Marian and tell everyone I was going to marry him. My parents ended up taking me to a renaissance fair and I actually got to meet Robin Hood.

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This article is about Jasmine. Jasmine is a tall and slender young girl with long black hair and a beauty mark under her left eye. She usually wore a short crimson red dress with black high-heeled shoes.

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In the large city of Manhattan, New York City, an small, old man with a blue robe and white hair and a Chinese stache stood on a roof and stared at the sunset in the horizon, standing next to a teenage Chinese girl with long, jet black hair with greenish highlights tied in a low ponytail with spiky bangs, a red jacket that should reveal her midriff, but wore a white shirt over it, blue cargo shorts, and sneakers. And next to her was an obese Shar Pei dog with grey wrinkly fur and was oddly standing on two legs. Even a young falcon must stand before it can fly.

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Sign in. IMDb came to play! Watch now.

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It premiered January 21, and the series finale aired on September 1, American Dragon: Jake Long tells the story of year-old Jake Long Dante Basco who must balance ordinary adolescent transformation with the amazing power and ability to change into the form of a dragon who has to overcome obstacles to protect the magical creatures living in the city. When Jake gets shapeshifting abilities for a dragon mission, he misuses them to get out of a parent-teacher conference and impress his peers.

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A descendant of a family of magical dragonshis two best friends are the feisty Trixie Carter and seemingly dim-witted Arthur "Spud" Spudinski. Before his thirteenth birthday, Jake started getting glimpses of his dragon heritage. For example; while younger, during a race with Brad Morton at Camp Mugwomp for the Mugwomp Cup, he unintentionally breathed fire, startling himself into tripping over a log to fall face-first into mud, losing the race.

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