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All of The guide books make reference to it; the Asian toilet a. Squatty Potty, but no one from Lonely Planet is telling you how to use it. There is no diagram or map, they just let you figure it out yourself.

By Greg Rodgers. The squat toilets in Asia aren't the most glamorous of subjects to cover, but you're bound to encounter one or more while traveling in Asia. Many Western travelers try to avoid them but eventually have to face their fears.

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The graphic illustrations are designed to advise visitors from Islamic and Asian countries not to STAND on the toilet seat while defecating. Traditional toilets in many Asian countries require the user to stand up — and this approach was simply being transferred to western loos. Now a series of signs explain how one should sit on a loo seat, rather than squat; and throw toilet paper into the lavatory, rather than into the bin.

Asian boy sitting on toilet bowl holding tissue paper. Infection, inflammation. Royalty-Free Stock Photo.

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While sitting on toilets have become quite common in Asian households these days, the squatting is still the preferred way of defecating in many homes and public toilets in the region. In a study conducted by Israeli researcher Dov Sikirovit was shown that defecation is a lot easier squatting than when seated. The study involved 28 participants who were asked to sit on toilets of different heights 42cm and 32cm high including a plastic container where they were told to squat.

Abhorred my many foreigners, this toilet forces you to squat down when going number two, greatly reducing the comfort of your bathroom visit. As it turns out, the chair-like toilet that is so now ubiquitous in most of the Western world was actually the domain of the rich and powerful before the midth century. The earliest toilets date back to Ancient Egypt.

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Squat toilets are terrifying when you encounter one for the first time. Where do you sit? How do you watch YouTube videos comfortably? Are there any benefits using squat toilets vs sitting toilets?

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A squat latrine or squatting latrine is a toilet used by squattingrather than sitting. There are several types of squat toilets, but they all consist essentially of a toilet pan or bowl at floor level. Such a toilet pan is also called a "squatting pan".

I figured having been here almost two months, it was about that time. In some of the more upscale, fancy, or international places, toilet paper is provided. You can buy single rolls of toilet paper in just about any small store for less than a quarter, and I would suggest keeping a pack of pocket tissues with you at all times.


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