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Skip to Content. Get age-based picks. Jim Hawkins learns a great deal about coming to terms with an early tragedy and overcoming grief with constructive behavior.

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Before the black hole scene and after the montage, when Jim asks how Silver became a Cyborg, Silver replies with while looking sad"You give up a few things, chasing a dream. Maybe Silver is referencing that. If Jim's dad left for the space Navy, that could make sense, as he may have been space-ship-wrecked, marooned, or may have mutinied the captain of a ship he was posted on giving up his old life for his own ambitions.

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Picture a majestic galleon straight out of a Melville novel. Huge sails swell from the exhale of a hearty gale. The creaky planks of its enormous wooden deck await a good swabbing.

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Reviewed by: Douglas M. Stevenson himself had a difficult relationship with his own father. He felt that his dad was extremely overbearing. The end result was often reflected in stories about boys that were, in fact, fatherless.

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The main characters in ''Treasure Planet'' -- Jim Hawkins, Long John Silver and assorted crew members -- fly around on a spaceship and it really is a ship, with masts, crow's nest, keel and sails called the RLS Legacy. The initials refer to Robert Louis Stevenson, whose classic of juvenile-adventure lit is the ostensible basis for the new animated feature from Disney. But the movie, which opens today nationwide, is less an act of homage than a clumsy and cynical bit of piracy, designed to steal time and money from schoolchildren and their harried, Pottered-out parents during this very long holiday weekend.

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Fifteen-year-old Jim Hawkins stumbles upon a map to the greatest pirate trove in the universe and he's off as a cabin boy aboard a space galleon. He's befriended by the ship's charismatic cyborg cook John Silver, who is soon revealed to be a pirate with mutiny in mind. A female character resembling a cat is drawn with a very shapely figure, tight-fitting outfit and thigh-high boots.

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Welcome to my weekly discussion of the animated films of the Walt Disney Studio. Twelve years later, Jim has grown into an aloof and isolated troublemaker. One day, a spaceship crashes near the inn.

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When I was old enough, I bought myself a copy of the full, original Robert Louis Stevenson version and loved it just as much. The high seas, as for a lot of people, both attract and terrify me; something of the sense of adventure and the possibility of wreck and ruin irrevocably intertwined. Kids need to know there are still things in the world they can discover; to know that X could mark the spot and not just the end of a text message.

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Warnings : Yaoi! Don't read if you're gonna get butthurt because I ruined your childhood. Go easy on me! Jim sat below the mast, resting his stiff back against the wood.


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