Peeing on the playgrounds

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Okay, I know, I know. Toilet training is a tricky business. To get your kid from nappies to the point where they quietly nip off to the loo and do a no-fuss, no-mess wee is a long, complicated process that can take months.

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Photo: Michael McLaughlin. You're forced to resign from Congress in the wake of an embarrassing sext scandalette, and then your surprisingly successful political comeback implodes after your old online paramours rears her leathery head. You lose the election, flip off reporters outside a McDonald's on primary night, and resurface on NY1's "Inside City Hall " to preserve some fragile simulacrum of relevance.

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Updated: Apr Inside: How to set up for success on outings with your diaper-free child in the early days of potty training. This content contains affiliate links.

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Local newspapers up and down the country are filled with stories of vandalism, public drinking and gangs loitering and behaving in a threatening manner. The period of good weather has seen a number of incidents of teens arriving at beaches across the country with huge quantities of alcohol and then drunkenly making a nuisance of themselves for families and other beach-goers. Last month we saw the rise of dangerous anti-social behaviour in parts of Dublin leaving Dublin Bus with no alternative but to curtail services. Anti-social behaviour is damaging for our sense of community, it degrades our environment and it causes untold levels of stress and fear in people, particularly the most vulnerable members of our society.

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Once upon a time a Mommy and Daddy took their sweet little girl to the playground. She played happily for a very long time. Then — oh no!

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It's Metafilter's 20th anniversary! To celebrate, scan some cats or help fund Mefi! Is this a typical reaction?

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There is plenty to feel bad about as a mom. Too much technology, skipping half the book during story time, using sweets as bribes despite my fear of tooth rot, and forgetting to put sunblock on my 3-year-old son's ears all go into my bank of things that make me feel guilty. One thing I definitely don't worry about, though, is letting him pee at the park — despite those judging faces from other moms.

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Well, at least the nanny wasn't flailing her arms, screaming and being otherwise confrontational. Seems she "got it" for next time. Peeing in public is not a good lesson for the kids, but I wouldn't worry that it's a health hazzard.

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Where I live it is totally acceptable for toddlers to pee in public parks if dogs can do it, why not little kids? From google searching I understand that this is not necessarily the case in NYC parks. No, your children cannot use public spaces as a toilet.

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Peeing on the playgrounds. Originally Posted by kathteach When my four year old was potty learning special needs child he was attending summer school and had an accident and peed his pants on the bridge part of the play structure. Some pee dribbled down through the holes of the metal bridge. They had everyone exit the play area and scrubbed everything with cleanser and hosed in down.


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